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The Rowan Academy Chronicles

An online "Changeling: The Dreaming" game

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The Rowan Academy Chronicles - For Changeling: The Dreaming

This is the In-Character community for The Rowan Academy Chronicles, an online Changeling: The Dreaming game.

To mortal eyes, Rowan Academy is an exclusive boarding school for pupils in grades seven through twelve, located just outside the picturesque town of Brownell, PA. To the fae of the Duchy of Liberty's Heart, it is the Freehold of Rowantree, a place for the fosterage and training of young changelings.

**Apologies to those who'd like to play, but as of June 30, 2005, character submissions for The Rowan Academy Chronicles are CLOSED.**

Game Rules

1. Each player must have a Live Journal for their character. If you need to create a Live Journal Account, go to http://www.livejournal.com/create.bml.

2. All players must join both the rowan_academy and rowan_ooc LJ Communities. To join the communities, click the link that says, "To join this community, click here," on the Community Info pages. Then click the button confirming that you wish to join the community. This will put you in the membership queue, and then one of the Mods can add you.

Note that rowan_academy is reserved for In-Character posting only. Please do not request to join this community unless you intend to play in the game (and have submitted a character post as described below). You may manually add the community to your Friends page, but non-players will not be allowed to post in rowan_academy. Sorry! :)

3. Each player must send a Character Sheet Post to rowan_mod at rowan.academy@gmail.com. You must have an approved character to be added to the communities for this game.

4. I'd like players to post about once a week. If you can't post for a time, please let me know.

5. Be nice to your fellow players (and that includes the Moderators). Please try to keep any disagreements civil. The point is for everyone to have fun.

6. Posts containing potentially objectionable material (like explicit sex or graphic violence) should be LJ-cut and Friends-Locked, and a warning posted in the entry. An easy way to do this is "((OOC: Smut Warning!))" for sexual content, or "((OOC: Violence Warning!))" for violent content (you can put more detail in if you wish). If you're not sure whether or not the material is objectionable, please err on the side of caution.

7. Any sort of IC actions which might significantly alter the setting (knocking down walls in Academy buildings, setting up traps, assembling an army of chimerical stormtroopers, etc.) should be discussed with the Moderator Team (either by e-mail or in the rowan_ooc Community) before implementation.

8. All die rolls in this game (including cantrip rolls) will be handled by the Moderator Team.

9. Be aware that bad things may happen to your character in this game. This does not mean that anyone is deliberately trying to make your IC life miserable. If you have a problem with something going on IC, please tell one of the Mods; unless you tell us, we can't fix it.

10. Have fun!

A more thorough treatment of these rules is available in PDF at http://www.nerdalfheim.org/~anima/Rowan-info.pdf.

The Moderator Team

Head StoryTeller/Community Maintainer


Assistant StoryTellers

dame_peri (who plays Dame Astra Peregrine ni Fiona and Kali Petrovna)
studentsatyr (who plays Aki Yamada and Ash Greenwood)
merna_walters (who plays Merry Walters and Sabrina McKay)

Note: The building shown in the community icon is Clet Hall, located on the campus of Niagara University in Lewiston, NY (the GM's alma mater). I imagine the campus of Rowan as looking much like the campus of N.U. -- you can take a virtual tour of N.U.'s campus on their website.

If you have any questions, please check the Community Memories and see if you can find your answer there before you e-mail one of the Mods or ask in the OOC community.

**NOTE: This community is for In-Character posts only. Only players who have submitted an approved character will be admitted to the community.

If you'd like to add the community to your Friends List, you may do so, but only approved players will be allowed to post.